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By Stephan S. Isied

Starts with a old evaluate through Henry Taube. Overviews the advances pioneered through Taube, together with mechanisms of electron move reactions, cost move complexes, and *p again bonding results in metal-ligand interactions. Discusses purposes of rules of electron move to assorted parts of chemistry and biology similar to the selective and regulated oxidation of natural useful teams, polymerization catalysis, steel organic interactions with DNA, organic electron move reactions, and new imaging brokers in diagnostic drugs.

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Dean Harman Department of Chemistry, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 22901 The fragment[Os(NH ) ] forms stable ­coordinate complexes with a wide variety of aromatic molecules including arenes, pyrroles, and furans. The act of coordination greatly reduces the aromatic character of these ligands and, as a consequence, activates them toward various organic reactions. In particular, the addition of carbon­based elec­ ­trophilesto arenes, furans, and pyrroles is notably enhanced relative to these free aromatic molecules.

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