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Neal Koblitz was once a pupil of Nicholas M. Katz, below whom he got his Ph. D. in arithmetic at Princeton in 1974. He spent the yr 1974-75 and the spring semester 1978 in Moscow, the place he did study in p-adic research and likewise translated Yu. I. Manin's "Course in Mathematical Logic" (GTM 53).

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With respect to the analysis of unemployment duration it is a further disadvantage of the partial likelihood method that it does not allow inference about the evolution of the baseline hazard over time. because the baseline hazard is treated as a nuisance function. This deficiency is avoided by the semi-parametric approach that is applied in this study. It allows the value of the baseline hazard to vary freely between time intervals and is estimated for each time interval individually. Rather than a limited number of baseline parameters there are as many values for the baseline hazard to be estimated as there are time intervals (months) over which unemployment evolves.

Higher wage offers raise the cost of labor but enable firms to attract workers more rapidly and to reduce the mean duration of vacancies and thus of profits foregone. Facing this trade-Qff the firm chooses its profit maximizing wage offer for a given level of worker productivity. Under the assumption that a worker's productivity varies over firms it follows that different firms offer different wages for workers of the same skill group. Thus, a dispersion in reservation wages on the side of the job searchers induces a dispersion in wage offers on the side of the firms.

The question then arises, whether the hazard of the duration distribution, h(y Ix(y), v), is identified from a sample of durations and observed explanatory variables. 30) that without restrictions imposed this is not the case. Any mixed distribution g(y y I {x} t =0) could be generated by several combinations of duration hazards hey Ix(y), v) and mixing distributions c\v). Examples are given by Heckman and Singer (1982), see also Lancaster and Nickell (1980). To achieve identification of the duration model it is therefore necessary to narrow the set of 49 functions to be considered.

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